Meet Eva Inglizian L.Ac.

California Board Certified Acupuncturist, Eva Inglizian L.Ac  is the third generation of doctors in her family. With her family heritage, Eva has always been fascinated by the science of medicine and the way the human body, mind and spirit  functions in nature. Eva's passion is in empowering individuals to feel their own sense of harmony and vitality. Eva’s clients come to her for health maintenance and preventive care, empowering them as unique individuals rather than a disease process. Eva's intuitive understanding of healthy living can be seen in her treatment offerings. Eva has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for twelve years. Born into a family of healers ranging from her Father, an Emergency Room physician and psychologist to her Mother a nurse, Eva has healing in her blood. Eva is the founder of both Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreat and Sagrada Acupuncture in Santa Margarita, Ca. At Sagrada Wellness, Eva Inglizian L.Ac is executive retreat coordinator, Qi Gong teacher, and designer of the delicious, and nutricious retreat meals using her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Eva Inglizian L.Ac obtained her Master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA with high honors. 

+ On her weekends Eva helps facilitate retreats from her ranch with her husband. Take a look at the offerings at Sagrada Wellness. 

+ Eva and Scott are also leading yoga and wellness retreats in Iceland! Check it out!