Acupuncturist and Sagrada Wellness owner, Eva Inglizian L. Ac., addressed my overall health from an Eastern perspective. I noticed the remarkable difference in how I felt - energized, less stressed, and filled with gratitude
— Healing Lifestyles & Spas Magazine



Seeing Eva for six years of acupuncture has been one of the better decisions for my overall health I have made! Months may go by in between treatments, but the second I feel stressed or somewhere is out of kilter, Eva gets me back on track. Her relaxed, caring and controlled healing in an environment of peace and tranquility brings one to feeling back in control of their body!
— Susan Matheson
Eva is a really skilled acupuncturist/herbalist as I have instantaneously felt the first benefits of the treatment. She is also a great Qi Gong instructor.
— Clari B.