What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a moving meditation that has it's roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi Gong is the practice of accumulating and cultivating Qi (energy) in the body. Each movement has been deigned to have a specific effect on the body and mind. There are three components to Qi Gong that make it a highly therapeutic practice. When we integrate proper posture, breathing and intention we begin to feel the positive and health promoting effects  of this moving meditation. Quieting our mind allows Qi and blood flow to move smoothly in our body, bringing us back in touch with our natural cycles. Regular Qi Gong practice has been linked to more control of the aging process, by improving circulation, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain, improving immune function and improving sleep. Scientific studies have shown that with regular Qi Gong practice  there is a lowered cortisol production in the body. This leaves us feeling less stressed, less anxious, having more physical strength, improved sexual desire, and spiritual enrichment. 


Grace Meditation (2 Minutes)

Find a comfy, quiet place to be. 

Close your eyes placing one hand on your heart and one had on your belly.

Take this time to get into your body.


Inhale deep.

Exhale slow.

Inhale kindness.

Exhale Grace.

Inhale beautiful moment.

Exhale present moment.

Give Gratitude for your sacred body that has sustained you for many years.

Slowly blink your eyes open.

Eva Inglizian L.Ac at Sagrada Acupuncture teaches Qi Gong classes at Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreats and often incorporates exercises and qi gong visualizations to her clients as well. People respond quickly to the healing power of Qi Gong.